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Powerful audio controls in MulTeach allow the presenter to easily and effectively involve individuals at remote sites with real time audio connections. With MulTeach 3.0, everyone in effect, will be part of a global classroom. Instead of raising a hand to ask a question, participants depress the talk button on their keypad. The presenter is immediately made aware of the request.

When a participant has pressed the talk button on the Reply® DL keypad, the presenter will see a list of participants. The presenter has the power at his finger tips to select callers on a first in, first out basis or randomly.

MulTeach sets the standard for audio communications. With MulTeach the actual audio connection is made when the presenter has selected the individual. The benefit to you is lower communication costs.

Studies confirm that interactions between presenter and audience improves attentiveness, comprehension, and recall. With MulTeach, the presenter may open the communication link to a specific individual at a remote site without a "talk" request being made. This is another feature that sets MulTeach and Fleetwood's wireless Reply® DL system apart from all others.

For example, an instructor may call on an individual to provide input to the presentation. The presenter opens the communication link and the individual is able to immediately respond. This capability sets the bar for heightened levels of audience involvement.

Students from different remote sites may participate in discussions that will be heard by audiences at all locations. Up to four individual calls can be handled simultaneously and any or all of the four calls can be broadcast for the benefit of other audience members. This function is implemented simply by using the graphical conference buttons on the presenter's control screen.

Having these specialized audio capabilities managed and made easy to use by MulTeach, gives the presenter the flexibility to move on when a point is clearly understood. The end result is greater interaction, comprehension and productivity for both the instructor and the remote participants.

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