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One Card System

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Deposits to student prepaid accounts can be handled at the cash register OR in the food service office.

Deposits can be made to individual student accounts, OR for the whole family (parents need write only one check for all their children in your school system). As soon as one child makes a family deposit, the funds are instantly available to all of his/her siblings, no matter which school they attend!

Bar coded or magnetic stripe cards can double as school ID cards. Since all students must present them to purchase school meals, free students are indistinguishable from prepaid, reduced, and full-price students.

Register screens display notes entered in food service office (student food allergies, parental food restrictions, etc.).

Direct certification process automatically updates student meal payment status, produces letters of eligibility to parents, and produces letters of application to all non-direct certified households.

Application processing determines free and reduced eligibility, updates meal payment status of entire family, and produces letter of notification to parents. Also produces lists for random or focused verification.

Account number look-up feature at registers for students who forget their cards and can't remember their card numbers.

Automatic reports produced daily for sales (by register) and meal counts (by school). State- required reports produced monthly.

Individual debit reports show account activity for individual students.
Debit range reports can be used to produce lists of low and/or negative balances (excluding zero balances, if desired).

Web Portal allows parents to file Free or Reduced applications on-line, and also allows parents to see what their student is eating,

Parents can deposit funds via credit card using PS1000's Web Portal.

Data can be quickly uploaded from your school system's central database, so your information remains current.

Multi-level security insures confidentiality of private information.

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