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Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (CIA)

With the NewGen®'s CIA Module you don't have to be a technical professor to create interactive course material. And with wireless keypads assessments can be fun for students and quick for you.

Curriculum is a vital element of any learning environment. With the CIA Module, the curriculum becomes a teacher's living "bible", using it in the planning, delivery and assessment of instruction.

The Curriculum and Assessment Module of NewGen® was designed with the recognition that teachers must be given the technology and appropriate tools to make assessment and record keeping a simple task. Using handheld devices for teachers, wireless keypads for students and a plethora of software, assessing student knowledge may, in many cases, be less time consuming than methods used today. Multeach, an integral part of the CIA Module, is the powerful application software that drives Fleetwood's Wireless Keypad System, delivering the ultimate interactive solutions in K-12 for instruction and assessment. This sophisticated and flexible authoring and presentation system allows teachers to electronically collect, tabulate, and graphically display student responses instantaneously. Used as a tool to review, student learning can be enhanced as it is a fun piece of technology that kids love to use and at the same time keeps them involved and attentive to the information being presented.

With NewGen® you don't have to be in the CIA to understand what elements of the curriculum a student has mastered. NewGen® makes it easy.

This same technology may be used for final assessment. Students log in, answer the questions presented and their answers are tabulated and recorded indicating if the mastery of a skill has been obtained. Without any additional work on the teachers part an assessment of student achievement has been recorded and is immediately available to other NewGen® applications, such as NewGen®'s Inter/Intranet Module, ISD LINK, to display.

The curriculum is no longer just a document that sits on a shelf in a binder. It is not just a reference on the NewGen® system. It is the basis for all teaching, learning and assessments. The curriculum defines what is taught throughout the school district and is used as the starting point for teachers. The assessment aspect is one of the most valuable tools of NewGen®. Students will be evaluated against the curriculum, teachers will be evaluated by what students are learning and the curriculum will be evaluated too.

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