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The MulTeach and M2M control panel enables the teacher to easily direct the flow and format of a course. Presentations may be displayed in a linear format, or randomly, giving the presenter the ability to review or skip ahead in the planned material. This is a powerful advantage in a distance learning environment. Depending on the comprehension level of the participants, the instructor may immediately adjust the flow of the presentation.

In addition, MulTeach has the power and flexibility to hyper-link presentation panels together which allows user responses to determine the content of the presentation. Using this function, the instructor has the ability to shape course content to achieve the highest level of comprehension.

The robust display features of MulTeach will instantaneously show responses in any of several system supplied formats, such as bar graphs and pie charts or the presenter may create custom displays.

Demographic analysis may also be included in showing responses. These demographic displays may include analysis of up to 10 categories. For example, responses may be displayed in a bar graph format showing students by grade, and what their menu p\references were from favorite to least favorite. This could be done for grades 1-10 with up to 10 menu selections. Demographic analysis of responses is easily accomplished since any question may be used as a demographic filter for any subsequent question.

The advantages don't stop here. For added flexibility during any presentation, the teacher may add an AD HOC question that is available for immediate response. A colorful graphic is instantly displayed.

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