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Restructuring for Greater Efficiencies

Hospitals and businesses around the country are restructuring the way they administer services-and with good reason. Most hospitals have legacy computer systems, many of which are not integrated. One hospital had over 30 separate computer systems that did not share information. The result was excessive time and money spent maintaining systems. For example, when a new employee is hired, profiles should automatically be created for food service, vending, pharmacy, and gift shop purchases. This is not the case in the majority of hospitals today. In most hospitals the same information has to be entered multiple times to address the different system needs. This is prone to error and takes valuable resources to keep information up to date.

ISD Education's objective is to provide a state-of-the-art food service application that becomes the foundation to integrate other applications.

The implementation of ONE CARD systems is one way businesses and hospitals are starting to capitalize on standardization resulting in greater efficiencies and reducing costs. Today businesses realize that they are not just looking for a food service application, but for a sound platform that will allow the integration of applications.

ID cards are being used by employees for daily meal service, pharmacy, gift shops, access to vending machines and in some cases admittance into certain parts of the buildings. ISD Education's ONE CARD system is flexible and expandable, so hospitals and businesses can choose a card for a single application and expand the technology to other applications when the need and the financial resources are available.

Hospitals and companies are making far more than a food service decision. When selecting a system, they are making a strategic decision that will dictate for years to come how efficiently they will function.

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