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IS 1000

One Card System

Complete Food Service Package
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  • Deposits to prepaid accounts can be handled at the cash register OR in the food service office.
  • Deposits can be made to individual employee accounts, OR the employee may choose payroll deduction.
  • Bar coded or magnetic stripe cards can double as ID cards.
  • Register screens display notes entered in food service office (food allergies, special notes for birthdays).
  • Telephone number look-up feature at registers for employees who forget their cards and can't remember their employee number.
  • From the main menu of the Food Service Director's controller, you can:
    • Maintain information on employees or guest accounts
    • Set up various sites, plants or subsidiary companies
    • Generate reports
    • Maintain the system
  • IS1000® will allow you to create multiple cards for a variety of applications such as:
    • Conferences
    • Visiting distributors
    • Gift certificates
    • Reward incentives
  • Reporting Functions will allow you to view:
    • Daily reports for sales
    • Debit Reports
    • Item sales reports by cafeteria, gift shop, etc.
    • Charges by department
    • Balances by type of account
  • Automatic reports produced daily for sales (by register) and meal counts (by location).
  • Required reports produced monthly.
  • Individual debit reports show account activity for individual employee.
  • Debit range reports can be used to produce lists of low and/or negative balances (excluding zero balances, if desired).
  • Employees can authorize direct payroll deduction.
  • Data can be quickly uploaded from your personnel database, so your employee information remains current.
  • Relevant data fields can be extracted for easy transfer to the Identification/Security card system.
  • Multi-level security insures confidentiality of private information.

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