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Student login and registration is a very simple process. The student presses the login key and enters their I.D. The system is instantaneously updated. No login is necessary for classes where there is no need to identify each studentt. For those situations where student identification is desirable, MulTeach 3.0 has the flexibility to allow logins from a pre-determined Roster I.D., a Group I.D. such as a school number, or by student number.

The teacher has the versatility to view the list of students in multiple formats, which may be easily selected from the control panel. The Roster may be listed by student in any combination of the following: classroom, last name, login I.D, or login I.D. status. This type of listing is a powerful visual tool for a teacher. For example, by the touch of a button a teacher could be provided with a colorful graphic of students that are currently logged in at each classroom.

In some situations, schools have asked for MulTeach to automatically create logins and logouts. The power of MulTeach makes it happen with ease. Schools may use this feature in the following manner. As students enter a classroom, they are handed a Fleetwood Reply® Wireless Keypad. The asset tag on the keypad is scanned, along with the student's I.D. card. MuTeach automatically creates the login and associates the keypad with that student. Logouts are handled in a similar fashion.

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