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We listen, we ask questions, we find out what your community needs and wants. Then we help you find the most cost effective and efficient way to implement your ideas. Our process includes the following steps:

We spend several days interviewing key teaching staff, board members, administrators, support staff, parents and businesses in the community to determine their vision for the future.

At the school's discretion, we will provide an inservice for the staff and community. Many times, this includes a technology exposition of some type to demonstrate current and future technologies. Each client has approached this differently, but we have found it to be more helpful if it is done early enough in the process to start people thinking about different technologies.

We often distribute a survey document which includes multiple choice and open ended questions. This allows everyone to have input, even if they were not available for the interview process.

Any current technology documentation and plans will be reviewed. Recommendations will be developed to include in your long-range strategic plan.

Current inventories of technology-related equipment and software are evaluated for incorporation into the long-range plan.

We deliver a detailed, 5-year, phased plan for implementation with actual dollars included for each piece. Included are spreadsheets which can be manipulated as funding dollars or priorities change. There will be a separate section for each building in the district as well as a district-wide cost section.

In several of the districts where we projected current spending patterns for 5 years, school officials were amazed to see how much more a non-integrated system would have cost. In some cases, due to perceived financial constraints, they would have chosen a plan that had no phone system or district-wide video system or network. In reality, with an integrated system, districts have the ability to leverage their dollars by allowing the same machines to access a variety of materials. The result... the district gets more for their money and we deliver the best solution at the least possible cost.

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