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Parents and Administrators are demanding more accountability for the funds that are being allocated for technology -- and with good reason. Several districts have asked for our assistance after finding that the cabling or electronics that they installed two to three years earlier were not capable of supporting today's more advanced applications. As a technology company, ISD Education understands the requirements for the future and writes bid specifications that will ensure the district has the infrastructure to grow with their requirements, and over time, save money.

ISD Education has the in-house expertise to produce specifications for wiring, equipment and software systems. The bid specifications and resulting Request for Price (RFP) depend upon the functions determined by a long range plan. In many districts we have seen specifications written which could only be answered by one specific vendor. (This is often seen in systems for library automation or student management.) We believe that specifications should be written which provide functional definitions yet can be answered by more than one vendor. We want to allow the bidders enough freedom to develop creative, and cost effective solutions. At the same time, we provide strict requirements to ensure a high quality installation.

When Low Price Does Not Necessarily Mean Low Cost.

There's more to evaluating bids than finding the lowest price. As with writing the specifications, managing the bidding process can be extremely complicated. Making sure that bids are "comparable" requires specific tools. ISD Education has developed a special "weighting" scale to help us analyze bids. This scale rates each proposal for its completeness and its ability to support the district's long-range plan. In addition, it allows for the proposed supplier's reference and experience to be factored in. Once a thorough analysis has been completed, we will make formal recommendations to the district.

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