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One Card System

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To maximize the impact of a Point-of-Sale system, a district must have a clear understanding of how that technology will integrate with the existing and future applications. ISD Education has the resources and the educational background to assist districts with:

  • Assessing current applications and make recommendations to increase efficiencies as they relate to the implementation of a one-card system.
  • Assist with the development of implementation planning.
  • Development of Staff Training Plans
  • Conducting training, providing hands-on instruction.
  • Marketing the benefits of the system to the community.
  • Processing of Free and Reduced Applications.

Once the actual need of a district is identified, ISD Education will provide a plan for initial and on-going training.

Training for food service personnel and administrators is conducted by ISD Education specialists. They are able to speak from experience having used the technologies within other K-12 environments as well as in college settings.

Classes are typically held at client locations. ISD Education will work with your district to develop a training plan that will address your district's special needs.