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"I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't witnessed it. District employees were in the transportation office with two reports-one from the Student Information System and one from our Transportation System. The information didn't match, they couldn't figure out which system had the student's correct address-what a mess." A School Superintendent

A few examples of NewGen®'s many uses and capabilities...

Administrators have accurate records at their fingertips and can track essential school management information from classroom budgets to student behavior reports.

Food-Service Directors can manage and complete operational and state reporting in a minute, rather than days. Some districts have even increased their percentage of Free and Reduced Students because the database shows if an applicant has siblings that have not applied for free or reduced lunch.

Librarians can quickly and easily maintain, catalog and manage an inventory of printed or technological resources.

Teachers can efficiently complete administrative tasks with a click of a mouse,
thus allowing more time for the teaching/learning process.

Directors of Instruction can immediately access the data that enables them to accurately interpret testing results, and plan curriculum changes to address district needs.

NewGen®'s up-to-the-moment record keeping enables them to determine more about their students' needs, skills, learning styles, personal issues and academic history. Teachers can adapt lessons and testing methods to eliminate unnecessary repetition of materials, to key in on problem areas, or to individualize test questions and response mechanisms... at a moment's notice.

Further, teachers using pc of 'net' device will have the resources of fellow educators world-wide at their fingertips, enabling them to incorporate new concepts into their lessons whenever needed.

Students and parents can seek guidance with homework or communicate with a variety of school departments via the Internet using easy-to-understand indexed menus.

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