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ISD Education, Inc., producers of the Dining Control System® for college campuses, now brings together everything you need to run your K-12 food service operation more efficiently. PS 1000® is a complete package of hardware and software that makes it easy to get the information you need, when you need it: NOW!

Communications between the point-of-sale terminals can be direct-wired, connected via modem, or network attached, depending on your particular situation. If communications are temporarily interrupted, off-line recording by the terminals prevents loss of data. The POS terminals are computers featuring easy-to-read monitors and micro-motion keyboards. The learning curve for your cashiers is less than one week, even if they have never operated a computer or cash register before.

Student meal cards can be produced using the ID/MEAL™ system. You can design the cards yourself, and they can be used as school ID cards as well as meal cards. Pictures taken by your school photographer can be imported from diskette or CD at the beginning of the school year, and you can take make-up and new student pictures throughout the year; or take all the pictures at the beginning of the year using the video camera supplied with the Fargo System.

ISD Education will provide complete training for your cashiers and office personnel at installation time, and will continue to provide ongoing support after installation.

PS 1000® is a flexible system that can be adapted to any size school system. Tell us what your needs are, and we can put together a tailor-made solution to suit your requirements.

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