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Islands of information, inaccurate data, duplicated efforts and excessive maintenance costs are some of the reasons districts are re-evaluating how they deliver administrative services . . . and with good reason. Most school districts have legacy computer systems that are not integrated. One school district had 13 and another had more than 30 separate computer systems, none of which shared information. The result was excessive time and money spent to maintain systems.

For example, when a student registers in a district, student profiles should automatically be created for the student-administration, food-service, and library-automation systems. This is not the case in the majority of school districts today. In most districts the same information must be entered multiple times to address the needs of different systems. This results in errors and takes valuable resources to keep information up-to-date.

NewGen®, designed by ISD's world-renowned software engineering team, with the input of a cadre of educators, delivers an integrated state-of-the-art district-management system. NewGen® facilitates management, communications, teaching and learning tasks by integrating district applications and taking advantage of the technologies available today.

NewGen®'s database complies with the State of Michigan's Single Record Student Data (SRSD) format allowing districts to easily submit data from all 124 required fields.

The NewGen® database offers highly-secure, protected access from desktop stations in a point-and-click format, making its use a simple process for all. Its easily-read message menus inform users of the accuracy and completeness of their entries, while intuitive graphical screens and a step-by-step instruction manual guides first-time users through each application.

From the moment each student enters a school within a district to the moment each graduates or moves on to a new school or district, NewGen® produces a complete portrait of that student's progress via daily, term, annual, and cumulative records. No longer are parents, teachers, administrators or students frustrated in their attempts to obtain a complete school record - it's there, and it's accurate.

NewGen® is the only integrated system available that affords:

  • administrators various tools with which to run the district,
  • teachers greater efficiency in completing administrative duties, and the opportunity to access a vast number of tools and resources to improve the teaching/learning environment,
  • students the best atmosphere in which to learn-by providing advanced technological tools that excite and stimulate them during the learning process,

for pennies per month per student.

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