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Eliminating the barriers of time and space from communication ...

eLink, the Inter/Intranet component of NewGen®, enables students, educators, administrators and parents to ride today's technological wave easily and immediately.

It offers employees district-wide the opportunity to communicate quickly and easily, and to gather information from around the world by using the simple point-and-click interface.

eLink excites schedule-driven parents and cost-conscious district leaders by affording them the ability to communicate with teachers and administrators - whenever and wherever they choose -- at a reasonable cost. Imagine their relief at being able to obtain guidance on homework issues, voice their concerns, or report student absences to multiple schools simultaneously. These are simple tasks when using e-mail and the click of a mouse button!

Any information in the NewGen® data base, can be accessible to parents without any additional teacher or district personnel time involved. ISD Link gathers the requested data and displays it in a graphical format. It's easy to keep parents "in the know".

The following are but a few of the module's features:

  • eLink protects the district's network from unauthorized users - from within and without - by creating a "firewall" at each access point.
  • This piece of the NewGen® puzzle protects the privacy of its users and their files by utilizing proxy services.
  • Students use the Internet safely because NewGen®'s highly- secure environment permits access solely to approved websites.
  • All students will leave the district with electronic portfolios that encompass all study areas, and which appropriately demonstrate their growth and talents as they moved through elementary, middle and high schools.
  • Approved users will be able to view electronic portfolios by accessing NewGen®'s Intranet Module.

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