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No matter how you figure it, NewGen® has the features and functions you want and need.

Paralleling other NewGen® modules, the Financial System offers easy-to-use menus and features that minimize the effort necessary to complete large accounting and human-resources tasks. Security of financial and personnel data is ensured by letting users peruse files or enter data while controlling access to report and check-generation functions. Its capabilities span the areas of finance, reporting, payroll and personnel.

Among the financial functions this module capably performs are several that can be tailored to fit the needs of a specific district, as well as those that address the amount of time spent in routine accounting tasks.

The Financial System automatically numbers the purchase orders it generates, processes one-time-only payments without incorporating these vendors into the vendors list, accommodates voided checks to provide an audit trail, and enables users to customize account names.

Accountants can track duplicate invoices beyond the current month, review the current balance of any account (e.g., P.O.s, A/P, payroll), and reconcile bank statements with a simple key stroke.

The fields of the Financial System correspond to those of the Michigan State Code Book, and the module can merge account histories should state codes change.

The Financial System, using a true ASCII text format, quickly generates journal entries, budget revisions, and all required state and federal payroll reports. It will also run ranges in lieu of complete reports.

The module accurately integrates payroll and personnel data to accomplish tasks in mere moments. It also offers users four address fields. Among its other features are to:

  • Input from the salary account to develop benefit postings.
  • Print paychecks simultaneously with direct-deposit vouchers, handle electronic tax transfers, and process W-2s.
  • Generate insurance payments through payroll deductions and benefits.
  • Provide cross-funding payrolls, and generate retirement and non-retirement payrolls simultaneously.
  • Handle both MIP and BOE retiremen contributions via payroll.
  • The Financial System easily generates personnel reports including employee attendance, seniority/date-of-hire, and staffing by building and/or grade-level. Eleven topics of personnel data are included in the module, including work phone number / extension, birthday, and spouse's name.

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