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DCS 1000

Interface Devices
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The Dining Control System 1000® supports a wide range of interface devices associated with the college environment. These devices include security access systems, point-of-sale registers in both the food and retail arenas, and off-line vending through cash-to-card devices. This overall package was developed to eliminate the need for duplicate entries and maintenance of separate databases for each of the devices. The DCS1000® system also includes a host file transfer to download student information from the college student computer for up-to-date student data. All this information is contained on one central computer running all the necessary programs to connect all the devices used by a single access card.


The security access system from American Magnetics is used for door access control by the user of the ID card. The security system runs simultaneously with the Dining Control Software and reports door activity as well as alarms that occur at the access points. The information from the Dining Control System is shared with the access control system eliminating the need for duplicate database maintenance.


Cash registers from Omron offer point-of-sale in both food service and retail sales. The connectivity to the Dining Control System allows these registers to debit an individual's account at the central computer for the amount of the sale. If the debit card is used at the register location, the purchase amount is sent to the central computer and checked for funds available. If sufficient funds are available, the transaction is recorded and the debit account on the computer is deducted for the purchase amount. The food service registers allow for mealplan verification and access to the dining hall as well as cash equivalency for those unable to eat a scheduled meal.


An ADM machine from Danyl offers the convenience of off-line vending for such outlets as laundry facilities, pop machines, food vending machines, and copy machines. The ADM cash-to-card device allows an individual to add value to the Debitek stripe by adding cash directly into the machine or transferring funds from their debit account from the Dining Control computer. The cash to card machines directly connects to the Dining Control computer for real-time money transfers from the ID card accounts.

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