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IS 1000

Design Criteria
Student Administration
PS 1000®
Financial System
Library Module
Fargo Printers


Student Administration which provides teachers and administrators with immediate access to accurate student and course information. Scheduling classes, reporting grades, generating report cards, creating mailing lists/labels, and maintaining attendance records all are features of this module. It is a secure system, fully accessible from classrooms, that provides staff members with up-to-date reporting options-such as athletic eligibility and discipline-without delay. It instantly accesses emergency phone numbers or any student data desired.

PS 1000®, a total food-service and One-Card system that processes, tracks and provides reports on: direct certification, free- and reduced-lunch applications, student menu choices, food allergies, automated deposits (in lieu of food tickets), and accounting records. Its identification card is the point of integration for other NewGen® modules.

Financial System which accurately offers district managers a General Ledger and will have a complete inventory of fixed assets, achieved by "barcode" support. The module tracks and reports payroll and accounts receivable, and can process and provide on-line support of budgeting activities, purchase orders, and work orders.

MulTeach™, Incorporated into NewGen®'s Curriculum and Assessment Module, provides teachers with many easy to use tools to assess student achievement, like the use of wireless keypads shown here.

District Inter/Intranet which provides students access only to approved sites, and protects the district's network via proxy services and "firewalls" to prevent unauthorized usage. It enables parents and teachers to communicate easily, at times convenient for both allowing parents to view Student Assessment grades, attendance, reported behavior, view school lunch account balance, as well as purchases.

Library System which offers catalog and inventory support of both printed and computer-based materials including textbooks, library books, periodicals, CD ROMs, web sites, school hardware/ peripherals, teaching-support resources and research materials. Users may specify global or grade-appropriate resource searches.

Curriculum Instruction and Assessment, provides teachers with a graphical, user- interface at their desktop stations to access national, state, and district objectives; standardized test scores; and both pre- and post-test questions for each curriculum area. Using your district's own curriculum or one that may be purchased through ISD, students and teachers will quickly and easily be able to idenfiy elements of the curriculum a student has mastered. Also available are rubrics for student evaluataion and assessment.

Transportation system, which will provide mapping support, bus routing, current student lists by route, GIS support, and event and trip scheduling. NewGen® can ensure the safety of students via hand-held scanners that will record each student's entry and exit from the various buses.

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